High speed doors

High Speed doors are used for many applications where high traffic volumes require a door to keep a building environment and temperature as constant as possible.
yellow door with viewing window across centreThe high speed door can travel up in as little as 2 seconds and close as quickly for maximum efficiency.

Warmth is kept in during the winter and warmth may be kept out in the summer depending on the buildings function. Some models are specifically designed to keep cold in for refrigerated rooms, warehouses, etc.

Fast Action Doors will keep the temperature inside a building as stable as possible whilst traffic enters and exits all day long. During winter months savings in heating costs can be huge whilst maintaining a pleasant atmosphere for staff inside. Operation can be designed to suit the type and frequency of traffic too with radar detection, magnetic induction loops, radio controlled, wall mounted push buttons and so on. The level of safety is also extremely high with bottom edge sensors and infra red beams as a minimum. There is a wide range of products available to suit customer’s particular requirements.